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QS Double plate hanging clamp

Detailed Introduction
1 suitable for horizontal lifting of steel plate and steel I-beam, hoisting.
2 Shougang low carbon high quality alloy steel.
3 to two tests for the rated load, lifting operation two or four only supporting the use of the four operations must be used with the balance beam.
4 lifting process shall not be suspended from the collision, the use of overloading is strictly prohibited.
5 test load = rated load *2.
6 of the rated load refers to tongs used in pairs. Hanging point angle is 60 degrees to allow maximum weight lifting.
7 head roller design, to avoid damage to the wire rope; contact area, the stability is better.
8 tip into a sharp triangle to facilitate the insertion of small space
Technical parameter

型号 额定载荷t/2只 开口尺寸(mm)
QS1 1 0-40
QS2 2 0-50
QS3.2 3 0-60
QS5 5 0-70
QS7 7 0-90

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