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wire rope pulling hoist

Detailed Introduction
Use of wire rope hoist (wire rope traction machine):
Wire rope Shouban gourd (wire rope traction machine) is a new, efficient, safe, durable mechanical products, wire rope hand pulling hoist with lifting, pulling, tensioning function, wire rope lever hoist structure of reasonable design, higher safety factor, long service life, especially for in the condition without a power source.
Advantages of wire rope hoist (wire rope traction machine):
Wire rope hoist (wire rope traction machine) with high strength and high quality aluminum alloy die casting, the matching of steel wire rope with special high strength and wear resistance.
Notice of the wire rope hoist (rope traction machine):
When the steel wire rope hoist is used, it is strictly prohibited to overload operation, once the overload safety pin is automatically cut off, please make sure that after the replacement of the safety pin.
Technical parameter

  Model item Jhss-800 Jhss-1600 Jhss-3200
Rated capacity  (kg) 800 1600 3200
Rated forward handpower (n)  343 441 441
 Rated forward travel (mm) ≥52 ≥55 ≥28
Rope diameter (mm) 8.3 11 16
Wire rope safety factor
load capacity
5 5 5
Safety factor & static
load capacity
5 5 5
Max traveling load 1200 2400 4000
Net weight 6 11 22

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