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NGK Hand hoist

Detailed Introduction
      Japan NGK hand hoist is also called the Japanese NGK line, is a professional import of Japan's manual traction, tensioning equipment. Japan NGK hand hoist must be checked before the use of the housing must check whether the fastening screws have been tightened, not loose. 0.75T Japanese NGK hand hoist new, efficient, safe, durable with lifting, traction, tension three major functions. 0.75T Japanese NGK hand pulling gourd main body using high strength aluminum alloy material, the chain using high strength special alloy steel. The use is convenient, safe and reliable; the structure is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful;
NGK hand hoist commonly used specifications:


Technical parameter:

Model Maximum traction Standard (optional) head Standard maximum traction span Standard minimum traction span Chain diameter Length of long handle Weight
RICKY2 0.75TON 1.5m(3m,5m) 1800mm 300mm 5mm 230mm 4kg
RICKY3 1.5TON 1.5m(3m,5m) 1850mm 350mm 5mm 230mm 5kg
3000 3TON 1.5m(3m,5m) 2000mm 485mm 5mm 430mm 8kg
4000 4TON 1.5m(3m,5m) 2180mm 580mm 5mm 430mm 12kg
6000 6TON 1.5m(3m,5m) 2250mm 650mm 5mm 430mm 19kg

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