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HSZ Hand chain hoist

Detailed Introduction
     Explosion proof hand hoist is a simple and easy to use, easy to carry on the manual lifting machinery, pull small, light weight, easy to carry, beautiful appearance, small size, durable. Explosion-proof hand chain hoist to aluminum bronze, beryllium bronze as a blank, hand chain hoist is adopted for the shell of H62 brass alloy material, its rotation gear after high temperature heat treatment, so as to achieve a very high gear according to wear resistance.
Explosion-proof hand chain hoist work principle: by trolling dynamic bracelet, hand chain wheel began to turn, the ratchet wheel, brake friction (one is compressed into a) common rotation, five tooth long axis rotation gear, four teeth short shaft and spline hole gear. Thus, the lifting chain wheel on the spline hole gear drives the heavy chain to lift the heavy load smoothly.
     Explosion-proof hand chain hoist can be widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, oil stations, oil depots, gas production, chemical industry, electric power, mining, electronics, railway, and other potential fire and explosion hazard environment. In the operations product mutual friction impact does not produce spark machine, effectively prevent fire accidents, ensure the safety of state property and people. Is also an indispensable tool for mechanical manufacture and maintenance.
Technical parameter
Model 0.5T 1T 1.5T 2T 2.5T 3T 3.5T 4T 4.5T
Bearing weight(t) 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5
Lifting height at a time(mm) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Test load(KN) 12.5 12.5 18.8 25 25 37.5 37.8 45 45
Minimum headroom(mm) 280 300 360 380 380 400 400 470 470
Maximum load required(N) 160 310 360 320 320 360 380 380  

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